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Questions you might ask us

How long we been been serving the community?

Home to the End Society was created in October 2014.

Do we supply literature explaining our services and fees?

YES. We supply information on our service options and the costs. Our invoices detail the services we will be providing and costs (taxes). If you require other documentation (Clients’ Rights, Code of Ethics or more), we will be more than happy to provide you with those, too.

Do we do background checks and require references when hiring our staff?

YES. All Health Care Aides and Homemakers have had Criminal Record checks and Working with Vulnerable Adults checks. Only the employees expected to transport clients in a vehicle on a continual basis require additional (business) auto insurance. All drivers are required to produce a Drivers Abstract upon request.

Are all our staff (caregivers) hired as employees and are they protected by Workers Compensation?

YES. All Health Care Aides and Homemakers are employed by us and are covered by Workers Compensation. On occasion, we may contract with a therapist, who will also be covered under Workers Compensation.

Do we have liability insurance and personnel policies in place for protection of the employee and client?

YES. All our employees are insured and bondable. Our insurance also includes malpractice. As a non-profit organization we do have written policies and procedures on all employee-related issues.

Do we keep track of our employees or have a back-up in case a caregiver can’t make it to work?

YES. We have a system in place to assure each service is provided at the time requested. Policies and procedures explain to employees how to handle this kind of situation.

Do we assign a supervisor (or other employee) to do follow-ups, checking the quality of care clients are receiving and to assure client satisfaction?

YES. This is very important to us and we want to provide the best possible service. We want our clients to be happy with our services. We have high standards for the quality of care provided by Home to the End Society. We will have follow-up visits and/or telephone conversations to oversee that these standards are being met, and that the Client is happy with the service.

Is there a minimum amount of hours required for each service?

YES. All our home care services are offered on a minimum of two (2) hours. However, we understand that things happen and on an emergency basis, we will try to accommodate and provide a one (1) hour service. However, there will be an additional half-hour (0.5) surcharge for this service.

Do we provide an in-home assessment before starting a service?

YES, most of the time. It depends on the service requested. An employee from Home to the End can do an assessment prior to providing a service, either in-person or over the phone.

How quickly can we begin a service?

Most services can be put in place immediately while others could take 12-24 hours. The complexity of the service requested and the availability of staff will determine this time frame. Emergencies will be dealt with first.

Can we provide transportation to doctors appointments, social activities, etc?

YES. We will escort the client to various events and appointments. Depending on the mobility of the client, transportation could be provided by a contracted service, Handi-Dart or taxi. This will be an additional cost to the client.

Do we have a policy and procedure in place in case of a complaint? How do we follow up on and resolve problems?

YES. We have procedures and forms available. You can either call the office and speak with the Executive Director of Home to the End Society (778) 212-4046 or ask your caregiver for the necessary paperwork. You can either mail-in or give the complaint form to the caregiver. Once we receive the complaint, we will determine if the complaint can be handled immediately and without further action. If we need to investigate, we will notify the client of the process to follow. We take any complaint very seriously and will therefore do our due diligence in finding a solution that will be satisfactory to all.

How does Home to the End Society ensure patient confidentiality?

We are committed to privacy and confidentiality. We have policies and procedures in place and employees are aware of the importance of, and the legalities for, patient confidentiality.

Still need more information?

Visit our FAQs page. Please feel free to contact us if you’d like to speak with us directly about our services.

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