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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would someone need in-home care?

If you are watching your aging parent or loved one not keeping up with housework, becoming forgetful, falling or just being lonely, this is the time to consider a little home care. They may only need one of the home care services offered out there. That one service could bring them happiness, not to mention keeping them healthy and independent in their own homes. These services could be funded by the government if your loved one meets the criteria. A family member will likely make this suggestion to their aging parent or loved one.

What are the advantages of in-home care versus a long term nursing facility?

There have been surveys and studies and it is believed that most individuals prefer to remain in their own homes and in familiar surroundings with their family, friends, pets and memoirs. Aging loved ones can keep their freedom (meal times, bed times, enjoying the outdoors and more) by staying in their own homes. Personalized home care services (non-critical care) received in their own homes by qualified employees promotes positive wellness and general good health to aging adults.

Can’t I just get my family to do the caregiving?

That would be great, but not everyone has family who lives close by. If you do have family who are also your caregivers, they likely have other responsibilities such as their own families or job commitments. Over time, these caregivers get overwhelmed and will need a break. Respite care offers a “time out” for caregivers. This is offered by most home care service providers and is a temporary solution, a relief for a few hours (usually between 2 and 5 hours), so the caregiver can get a break. It’s actually been known to keep families together.

Who is Home to the End (Society) and are you registered?

Home to the End is a non-profit organization incorporated under the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act. We are registered in the province of British Columbia and are insured. This is for our clients’ protection.

Where are your services offered?

Our home care services are provided in Vernon, British Columbia, the starting point of Home to the End Society.

Is this a franchise?

We are not a franchise. We can operate in all the provinces and territories in Canada through the proper registering procedures.

Are your employees insured?

Yes, all of our employees are fully insured and are also covered by WCB.

How are your employees selected?

Health Care Aides, Homemakers and Companions are all carefully selected and screened during a two-interview process, a verification process on all references and licensing requirements (if needed). Our Health Care Aides/Workers must have valid and up-to-date credentials. In some situations CPR, FoodSafe and other certificates are required. Where applicable, an employee must have clean driver’s license, a dependable vehicle with updated safety checks, and the necessary insurance for having a client in the vehicle. We seek qualified and experienced people who are trustworthy, have a clean criminal record and are checked for being able to work with vulnerable adults.

Will I get the same Home Care Worker every time?

Home to the End knows how important it is to the client to have someone familiar coming into their home, especially if they have built up a trust towards one of our employees. We will do everything we can to keep our client happy and comfortable. However, if we cannot assign the requested worker, we will send another one of our valued employees who will perform the same jobs, and one we feel you will be satisfied with. We will try and notify our clients prior to the appointment if a different worker will be sent.

What if I am unhappy about my Home Care Worker?

All of our employees are qualified for providing the service you have requested, however, sometimes personalities just don’t click. Our clients receive an introductory package on the first day the services are provided. It contains all kinds of information, including a sheet with instructions on what to do in this situation. The first step is to call the office of Home to the End with your concerns: (778) 212-4046.

What is non-medical home care and why do you offer it?

Non-medical home care is basically household management and personal assistant duties. This could include cooking, running errands, companionship, escorting, personal assistant (mail, phone calls, setting up appointments), advocacy and any other service not requiring the nursing skills and training of our health care practitioners. We offer these services because they could make the difference of whether the client stays at home or goes into a long term care facility.

Can you come to my home and provide me with lunch?

Home to the End does have a minimum of 2 hours we have to charge a client for each house call. We can provide you with lunch and fill in those 2 hours we need to charge with other services such as companionship, bulk cooking for future heat-and-serve meals, or run an errand.

When are services available?

Services are available as requested: day, evening and night shifts, including weekends and stat holidays. There are certain times of day that are very busy and immediate assistance may not be provided. This is why we require a 2 to 4 day notice.

How do I set up a service?

The easiest and quickest way is to call us at (778) 212-4046 and book one! Also, visit our Services page for details.

How quickly can services be provided?

We’ll make services available to you as soon as possible. Once the paperwork is done, the time factor depends on the service requested and matching you up with a Health Care Aide/Worker or Home Support Assistant that meets your needs. Our goal is to get these services to you in 2 to 4 days; sometimes sooner.

How do I cancel my scheduled services?

Please let us know as soon as possible* if you need to cancel your services. We will do our best to accommodate you on another day, if requested. Call us at (778) 212-4046 or email us at info@hometotheend.com to cancel or arrange for another day.

How much do the services cost?

Rates vary depending on the home care requested or required (non-medical; supplied by a licensed health practitioner or a home support assistant). See the table on our Services page for rates.

Find out from Choice in Support for Independent Living (CSIL) to find out if you can receive government funding to pay for these services.

How do I pay for services I’m receiving?

When filling out and signing the paperwork for the services requested, you are signing a contract. This contract will explain that you will be invoiced for services received and payment is expected within within a certain time frame, depending if you are a one-time, weekly or monthly client. Payment is to be made to Home to the End by cash, cheque, money order or e-transfer. A receipt will be issued to you, and in some cases can be used as a tax receipt for income taxes.

A client should not give payment to the employee providing the home care services. We would continue to invoice for these services and expect payment to Home to the End.

Do private insurance companies or my employee medical plan cover the cost of home care?

Check with your insurance company or your employee benefits at your workplace. Make sure you meet the criteria for the plan. Find out which services they cover and any restrictions that apply. There may be time limits on the service. The pay out may also be a percentage of the total cost and/or a maximum coverage amount.

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